Gustavo Jobim – In Search of Berlin

Gustavo Jobim - In Search of Berlin

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Gustavo Jobim – In Search of Berlin
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Gustavo Jobim’s “In Search of Berlin”, part of an ongoing project of archival releases, contains 78 minutes of improvised music composed between 2003 and 2009.

In contrary to his current output that is much more experimental, the music featured here connects very strong to the Berliner School of electronic music. So imagine lengthy sonic excursions with extensive vintage pads, fast and repetitive sequencer patterns, teutonic undercurrents. The outcome is occasionally accompanied by acoustic percussion and bits of electric guitar. I especially like the sense of drama and gloominess as e.g. displayed in the third track “Midnight Mists”, that also contains a good dash of mellotron.

Although far from original, I think Gustavo has done a nice and pleasing job with this trip back to the past.



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