Hemisphere – From Inside the Cyclone

Hemisphere - From Inside the Cyclone

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Hemisphere – From Inside the Cyclone
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1997

Despite a few contemporary, melodic-oriented rhythmic tracks opener “Zombie Attack” is one of them), there is a mellow/dark current on the 72-minute “From Inside the Cyclone”.

That flavour is felt well on the gloomy “Galaxy of Terror”, which resembles the in-depth air of previously released Hemisphere long-tracks. Still present is a cinematic narrative gracing the tranquil soundscape pieces though the addition of some e-guitar by Thorsten Reinhardt on most others makes the album less cohesive and captivating in my opinion.

Exceptions are the energetic “Pieces” and the gentle “Sway” at the end, where the combo works remarkably well. For me, the strong points on the album are the sedate textural spheres as executed on e.g. “Twilight Sleep”, “Mellotronics” and the beautiful soft-soaring title piece.

Overall, the constant shift between quiet soundscape-like tracks and swift and sometimes fierce guitar-oriented songs on “From Inside the Cyclone” is something one must like.

Website: www.groove.nl

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