J. Arif Verner – A Vision beyond Light

J. Arif Verner - A Vision beyond Light

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J. Arif Verner – A Vision beyond Light
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1996

Multi-instrumentalist, J. (John) Arif Verner, one of the many accomplished musicians within the Spotted Peccary stall, published his debut album “Clear Colors” in 1988.

His “A Vision beyond Light” blends acoustic and electronic music with MIDI guitar synthesis, a rather unusual and specialized form of digital instrumentation, ending up in 46 minutes of gentle atmospheric and impressionistic-oriented space music. Mr Verner, who views music as an evolutionary process and a reflection of his inner being in relation to the world, also plays aeolian wind harp on the recording, which adds a fascinating, smooth sound to the elevating, dreamy and inspired sounding outcome.

On top of that, the sonic travelogue “A Vision beyond Light” sparkles beautifully due to the applied 20-bit recording technology, well-done mixing and mastering.

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