Jaja – Sparkles

Jaja - Sparkles

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Jaja – Sparkles

Jana Rockstroh’s 46-minute “Sparkles” sees a continuation of quiet and sensitive soundscapes inspired by the cosmos. The trail of mystery and wonder as well as the huge distances encountered in these environs all find a voice in the ten gently unfolding, drone-based compositions that also address certain contemplativeness occasionally.

“Sparkles” is a captivating aural world in slow motion, turning around its own axis while various lower frequency textures fly by. The emotive and deep outcome is at its best on the longer pieces found near the end of album, with a wondrous smoothness surfacing on “Tau Ceti” and visions of the deep end on “Omicron Ceti”.
All in all, this is well-done free form cosmic ambient to break away from worldly affairs and make your busy mind set free.

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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