Jaja – Starlight

Jaja - Starlight

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Jaja – Starlight

The signature sound wrapped up in expansive freeform soundscapes as known from Jana Rockstroh’s previous album “Stellamare” are only present on “Starlight” to a certain degree.

In 70+ minutes and four correlated chapters, the listener once more travels through vast and freeform galactic realms. This time around, the morphing trails of tranquil soundscape washes breathe quite a lot of mystery and darker currents without becoming obtrusive or unpleasant. I presume this is the sonic equivalent of cosmic light which never seems to fade and which was the inspiration for this release. As the listener journeys further into the overall spacious “Starlight”, the fluid spheres seem to deepen gradually with an elevating vibe passing by only occasionally.

Due to this adventurous and darker edge, I wouldn’t exactly call the evolution of events unfolding here contemplative and relaxing. Instead, Jaja has set some new boundary conditions which prove best when listened to with headphones.

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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