Jaja – Stellamare

Jaja - Stellamare

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Jaja – Stellamare

“Stellamare” (Sea of Stars) is the first physical release by Jana Rockstroh, who put herself on the map as accomplished space music composer since a couple of years. Similar to previous albums, she again sticks to lengthy tracks, allowing the free form textural soundscapes to wander along while evolving in a natural, captivating manner.

In almost 80 minutes, the cosmic environment above us opens up gently at what seems an endless drift. Recorded live and in the moment, an array of soft glowing waves pass by in the improvised outcome, giving a warm, tender voice to the mystic, the deep, the beautiful and the far horizons all present here. These floating atmospheric landscapes and soft breathing tapestries are at ease and especially bloom on the 20-minute title track to contemplative effect.

The celestial spheres deepen a bit further on the velvet currents and streams of “Realms”, a lucid space filled with harmony and introspection. “Stellamare” (which Jaja refers to as an addition to her latest album “Starfields”) rounds out beautifully with the slow morphing waveforms and gentle pads of “Ankaa”.
If you’re looking for a mature, immersive and relaxing cosmic outing, this album will fulfill all these desires.

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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