Jaja – Stellaris

Jaja - Stellaris

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Jaja – Stellaris

With “Stellaris”, German synthesist Jana Rockstroh presents her first double album, once more featuring imaginary space music that (like all predecessors) was recorded live-in-the-moment.

Next to the subtle female touch she brings to her textural ambient, Jana takes her listeners into most tranquil and enchanting cosmic environs with three long form soundscapes that caress and lift the mind but also trigger it to travel into deeper spheres and beyond.

Moreover, the soft soaring, slow evolving, non-melodic and continuously flowing outcome making up “Stellaris” gives voice to the cosmic splendor found in what seems an endless galaxy of stars and planets in which some darker, mysterious corners (expressed by the lower frequencies) aren’t ignored. All in all, “Stellaris” makes another captivating, immersive recording to wander through the immensity of the outer space expanse.

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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