Jamie O’Callaghan – The Quiet Poet

Jamie O'Callaghan - The Quiet Poet

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Jamie O’Callaghan – The Quiet Poet
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Happy Willow Productions, 2011

Eindhoven-based performer, teacher and composer Jamie O’Callaghan was born in the United Kingdom, but states he has his roots in both Wales and Ireland.

A fascinating aspect of the instrumental “The Quiet Poet” is that Jamie is linking the evocative sounds of violin with lush, almost surreal/otherworldly soundscape textures and electronics in a fascinating fashion. Next to various dreamlike elements, Jamie’s compositions also feature a slightly abstract and profound adventurous sonic perfume that makes the outcome demand focussed listening.

I even imagine some might experience the outcome of a track such as “Thoughts of a solitary walker” as almost eerie and psychedelic. On the other hand, the characterization “off-this-world” but somehow still connected, may be a more suitable description of the nine thoughtful musings that make up “The Quiet Poet”.

Website: www.colouroftime.com/jamie


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