Janne Hanhisuanto – Quiet Places

Janne Hanhisuanto - Quiet Places

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Janne Hanhisuanto – Quiet Places
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“Quiet places”, inspired by nature and people, contains 11 tracks that take the listener into a world of emotion and stillness. In an attempt to give a voice to strange moments, Finnish composer Janne Hanhisuanto prefers to play his synths by instinct, so most music heard here are from the first take sessions with minimal editing to recorded data.

Gentle and smooth soundscapes mostly run the reflective edge for over 60 minutes, with only occasional melodic, sequenced hints and washes of white noise. On “Dance of Electrons”, things are put in motion, but it’s “Some kinda image” that’s rather out of place here with its too rhythmic content.

Fortunately, things settle down after that, again giving way to soft pulsating, smoothening spheres and soft soaring leads. In between, “Romances (2)” makes a nice piano interlude, while the highlights for me are the title track, “Ptolemaios”, “Day Dreams” and the soft mourning, cosmic closure “If Turtle Could Tell”.

So most of the time, harmony and stillness fill the gently unfolding breathing space in a pleasant manner, making “Quiet places” a good choice for contemplation in evening hours or nighttime.
The release is available through e.g. CD-Baby and iTunes.

Website: www.jannehanhisuanto.com


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