Jesse Waugh – Japanese Tea Garden

Jesse Waugh - Japanese Tea Garden

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Jesse Waugh – Japanese Tea Garden
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Jesse Waugh, who’s currently living and working in New York’s Lower East Side, and in the United Kingdom, is an artist who works in painting, filmmaking, sculpture, and music.

What I got here is what the composer describes as a night peregrination through a Shinto garden haunted with stone lantern Kami spirits, where you will be surrounded by plopping frogs, shedding acers, tapping water deer-scarers, and crickets, before a secret tea ceremony takes place in a softly glowing tea house hidden inside a grove of bamboo.

There’s actually nothing new age to this recording, which sounds like one big experiment in abstract organic sound. I can’t put head nor tail to this extraordinary, cyclic and overtly strange sonic installation that seems to be put together from lots of quirky and found sound bites only.

Weird and way-out experimental are the keywords here with no connection to electronic ambient whatsoever.



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