Jim Pietkivitch – Spiral Journey

Jim Pietkivitch - Spiral Journey

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Jim Pietkivitch – Spiral Journey
CD, Electrofine Music, 1998

“Spiral Journey”is the second cd of the Colorado-based American musician Jim Pietkivitch.

The cd-cover looks very nice and invites the listener on an imaginary trip into the huge galaxy which surrounds us. The cover goes very well with the featured music on the album: here we get a good portion of great sounding progressive symphonic-orientated space music which absolutely tickles the ear for over 50 minutes.

Jim uses a lot of beautiful and keenly layered soundscapes, inventive sequencer lines and electronic drums (the drum-breaks somewhat remind me of those used in the music of Ron Boots), and some slide-guitar. From the title-track on in the middle of the album, the music on “Spiral Journey” takes off even better as more “speed” seems to enter into this very original sounding electronic music.

All cumulates in the up-tempo & semi-Rock/Gandalf-like track “Crossing the Line”, which features a challenging battle of synths and e-guitar solo’s. The album serenely concludes with the intimate, outfading track “New Millennia”.

In addition the album breathes a lot of low bass-lines, which gives the music an extra overall touch. In addition, this adventurous sounding album is very well produced and mixed by Jim himself, offering a brilliant sound quality throughout.

In all, “Spiral Journey” is the perfect choice for those looking for both challenging and engaging electronic space music with bright symphonic touches. A highly recommended recording.

Website: www.electrofine.com


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