John Rose – Cosmogenesis

John Rose - Cosmogenesis

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John Rose – Cosmogenesis
CD-R, Space for Music, 2001

John Rose is one of the founding members of the band Spacecraft. From the start of that band, I expected some deep space music, but their approach didn’t quite match my taste.

This cd by John Rose, a musical pioneer in the field for over 25 years using self-built instruments, is a different story.
This inspiring album must be dedicated to composing space music as it offers both electronic and acoustic realms.

The latter applies to the use of electric iron dulcimer, which offers a fresh sound to “Gravity” and “Axis”, but Rose also knows how to create beautiful sonic atmospheres like in the extended 18-minute title “A Space Within”.
In the latter one, the title track and some other pieces, he uses some great twinkling sequencing as heard on TD’s Ricochet, but without the additional bass-lines.
Yes, “Cosmogenesis” is a great effort.



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