Jonn Serrie – Planetary Chronicles, Volume 2

Jonn Serrie - Planetary Chronicles, Volume 2

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Jonn Serrie – Planetary Chronicles, Volume 2
CD, Miramar, 1994

As Jonn had more earlier planetarium work and library music shelved, I’m glad he has been given the free hand to collect and release a second batch focusing on his deep space excursions only.

Coming with a much nicer cover than the first volume, the spatial outcome features a deep space resonance topping the result of the already most pleasing volume 1. What you get is 47 minutes of spacious atmospherics and layers of aural texture taking you into smooth sparkling and glistening otherworlds. “Vista Range” comes forward inviting and warm, while “Aftervisions” evaporates a beautiful desolation as it sketches out alienating worlds beyond in near silence. This sphere is extended nicely on the haunting “Continuum”, a slow morphing blend of hovering soundscapes with pleasant analogue vibe shimmers through.

The highlight of the release is the epic 21-minute “A Frontier of Fables” (part of “Aniara”, a show of the Bishop Planetarium in Florida) where Mr Serrie ventures with us into the grand expanse with various smooth turns and twists evoking new evocative vistas along the overall comforting but intense ride. Very nicely done, Jonn!


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