Juta Takahashi – Albion

Juta Takahashi - Albion


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Juta Takahashi – Albion
CD, Lunisolar Records, 2017

Jutaro Takahashi’s “Albion”, a 73-minute concept album, sees the light of day after a three year hiatus. Still using analogue synths only, Juta brings us five free form ambient compositions clocking between 13 and 16 minutes each inspired by and painting the beauty of Britain through rich, majestic, colourful and rather expansive sounding tone poems and soundscapes.

Impressive are the immersive, tranquil, slow morphing atmospheres accompanied by bits of piano making up “Frozen Day”, an evocative aural painting not straying far from the works of Michael Neal. Things take off with ethereal, soft sparkling waves on “Shining Valley”, another highly emotive-minimalist composition with a gentle soaring solo-voice on top continuing the feeling of flight and evoking a place at ease.

The heart-felt, serene sphere of textures and piano on the stellar “Maeve”, dedicated to label-owner Lee Anthony Norris’ daughter, even made me shed a few tears of emotion. “Summits” concludes the textural ride with soft shimmering and morphing synth-waves.

Suffice to say “Albion” is a must-have album for every aficionado of high-quality and cinematic soundscape music.

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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