Juta Takahashi – Quiet Rain

Juta Takahashi - Quiet Rain

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Juta Takahashi – Quiet Rain
CD-R, Lunisolar Records, 2009

Juta Takahashi’s sixth album “Quiet Rain” brings four 15-minute free form pieces of solace and contemplation, nicely sculptured out of warm analogue sounds, mellotron and some acoustic piano.

It’s great, at times even minimal, music to take a break from it all, as the slow washes of strings gently float by, painting unhurried spaces to reflect in.
A highlight is the saddening “Monochrome Sorrow” or the meandering textures and light piano notes of the title track, although I can imagine some might like to see some more musical progression here and there.

I just wished Juta could just take the next step to smoothen and further valvenize his heartfelt soundscape tapestries (hopefully avoiding getting into the new-age trap), as there’s still a certain roughness shimmering through the sound spectrum.

All in all, “Quiet Rain” offers silent ambient music to ease the mind.

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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