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K2Project - K2Project

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K2Project – K2Project
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Fairy Nuff Music, 1999

K2Project is a fun electronic music collaboration established in 1999 featuring Stephen Whitlan with local musician Keith Corbett (who he’d met on a community Arts program) while still living in Ireland. The album was actually the result of Stephen re-assembling his studio (which contains lots of analogue goodies) after moving and Keith’s curiosity about the studio that actually got it out of their boxes at all.

The 70-minute outcome brings nine pieces of jolly and sometimes quite weird electronics that simply once rolling went well, a process in which Stephen sometimes couldn’t resist taking one of Keith’s ideas and then “arrange the hell out if it”.

The latter means Whitlan’s fingerprint is over place on many occasions, with some tracks turning out stronger, catchy, constructive and more attractive than others, with quite some freaky moments and improvisation thrown in there. Both “Arcturus” and “The Dreamer” are pieces where all elements/ideas really merge nicely, enthusiastically and various sounds come together, including Stephen’s typical up-tempo soloing.

Another fine effort is the lively “Frostbite” with its wide pads, nice tempo and symphonic accents and “Illegal Data” which sounds in line with the outcome on Stephen’s solo albums. “Burn” though, with distorted lyrics by Mr Corbett, is the only track that doesn’t belong in here, so let’s call that a bland experiment.



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