Kelvin L. Smith – Reclining Music

Kelvin L. Smith - Reclining Music

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Kelvin L. Smith – Reclining Music
CD-R, Farfield Records, 2003

Kelvin L. Smith hails from South Wales.
The cd-cover states that this is “a collection of cliché free ambient tracks for relaxation. Guaranteed free of whale-song and nose-flutes !”.

“Reclining Music” is filled with eleven distinct tracks of minimal, sometimes rather abstract and slight drony movements. Things here are in deep rest: water effects with only some sparse twinkling sounds appear in the overall bliss chords while the music slowly flows on.

The very nice third track “Sonosync 58’” features some soft piano before things start to drift when wavery synths come in. Things get a bit quirky in the closing track, which offers strange rhythmic ticks and fx’s. Not really appropriate compared to the rest.

This is very suitable music to push back the busy things in our mind, so just do as the linear words suggest: “assume horizontal position”. Those who like e.g. Brian Eno or Tim Story should keep this one in mind. Well done.



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