Kelvin L. Smith – The Dreaming Mind

Kelvin L. Smith - The Dreaming Mind

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Kelvin L. Smith – The Dreaming Mind
CD-R, EMMA, 2005

With such a title one might expect a quiet, light atmospheric work, but things turn out totally different: the content roams in dark ambience and its nature is rather active and rhythmic.

I don’t know what Kelvin was thinking while composing this album, but to me the outcome is totally dreadful. It’s a constant whirlpool of restless, industrial textures, fx’s and rhythmic elements that are both confusing and which get on my nerves as they seem to lead nowhere.

Strange, rather experimental noisy soundscapes and sequences keep showing up, creating almost 50 minutes of annoying and darkening atmospheres like Moebius or Ashley/Story.



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