Kerry Leimer – Degraded Certainties

Kerry Leimer - Degraded Certainties

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Kerry Leimer – Degraded Certainties
CD, Palace of Lights, 2010

“Degraded Certainties”, Kerry Leimer’s ninth album, uses reprocessing as the core technique in determining the music’s timbre and form. Mr Leimer continues his ongoing efforts to experiment in generating variety from a limited set of sonic elements, a complex proces in which he extensively manipulated, twisted, edited and reshaped audio files and layered elements.

The six tracks (all twelve minutes in length) on the album all feature highly minimal and overall sombre soundscape paintings with occasional strings parts, together forming a meandering flow with some distortive sounds. I was pleasant surprised though by the beautiful mourning mood displayed by the elegiac “Hommage” with its smooth tickling sticks.

“Degraded Certainties” offers contemporary, abstract and classical textural minimalism for those who are open-minded to profound and rather obscure experiments in sound.


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