Kitaro – Oasis

Kitaro - Oasis

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Kitaro – Oasis
CD, Pony Canon/Polydor/Domo Records, 1979

I’ve never been an avid Kitaro-fan, but have been quite fond of the releases Japanese composer Masanori Takahashi made at the end of the ‘70’s, “Oasis” being one of them.

The biggest part of the album is a quiet, dreamy and harmonic sound painting with lots of Eastern flavors (bells, sitar) flying by, along a few more dynamic, rhythmic outings such as “Moro-Rism”, “Cosmic Energy”, and “Fragrance of Nature”.

Compared to Kitaro’s albums that would follow later on (such as those in the “Silk Road”– series) the zen-like otherworldly spheres encountered here aren’t yet too sweet, repetitive or profoundly sounding in a similar nature. In its own right, the sonic universe of “Oasis” preceded what we today consider New-Age and stress-relief music including the various nature sound bits, although an attentive listener will sense quite some neat and masked (under)currents of tension. It’s the latter that gives “Oasis” a special dimension when played from time to time.

Most of all, the at times quite lyrical recording is proof of an artist who considers music as an art and a way of life until this very day, and who’s goal it remains to create and perform instrumental songs that derived from his soul.


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