Kitaro – Ten Kai/Astral Trip/Astral Voyage

Kitaro - Ten Kai/Astral Trip/Astral Voyage

Release data:

Kitaro – Ten Kai/Astral Trip/Astral Voyage
P/CD, Zen/Polydor/Geffen Records, 1978

After having joined the progressive Far East Family band, Kitaro decided to pursue a solo trip, starting with the spiritual, heavily synth-based “Ten Kai/Astral Voyage”. The latter proves a rather weird and trippy release featuring both calm and more dramatic passages that not yet connect to the stronger New Age oriented, more similar sounding works like the Silk Road series and others to follow in later years.

Along the analogue synthetic sounds, also elements of Japanese music are implemented in the outcome such as Taiko drums, koto and mandolin. Kitaro plays the biggest part of the instrumentation skillfully, really getting into a kind of groove on the second half of the album where the presence of drums and percussion is more profound.

Overall, a lyrical, earthy and uplifting vibe is shimmering through the full 47-minute outcome, while also some experimental/psychedelic terrain is addressed briefly. This album, regarded a cult-release nowadays, is for all those who prefer atmospheric world music where the sounds of East and West meet.


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