Klaus Wiese – Perfume

Klaus Wiese - Perfume

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Klaus Wiese – Perfume
CD, NextEra, 2006

“Perfume”, released as a limited edition digipak of 1019 copies, contains 12 electro-acoustic recordings using Tibetan singing bowls, chello, tabla, keyboards and nature sounds from ocean and wind.

Gliding, warm atmospheric textures nicely kick off on the 15-minute soundscape-trip “Velvet Octaves“, which is a bit in vein of David Parsons “Himalaya”.

The next tracks are more minimal and rhythmic, accompanied by sedate drones and textures. There is a timeless quality to this music, which features a lots of sustained, long tones.

All in all, “Perfume” offers 56 minutes of properly executed and well produced freeform ambient washes and some rhythms to sooth the soul and mind or even meditate.

Website: www.klauswiese.com


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