Lance Lenehan – Ambient Spaces

Lance Lenehan - Ambient Spaces

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Lance Lenehan – Ambient Spaces
CD, Private Release, 2004

My first encounter with the music of the Australian musician Lance Lenehan was back in 1996 with his album “Soundscape”, which couldn’t convince me. Now he’s back with this brand new album “Ambient Spaces”.

It begins with the beautiful “Song of my Heart”, a warm and intimate piece with Vangelis-like textures. The third and sixth track continue in the same vein, sometimes even with some exquisite piano, while the tracks between them stay rather vague.
After these tracks the rhythmic “Este Clave” (with its trumpet-sounds) lacks direction, which also applies for “Mercury Rising”.
“Moon” is more quiet again, but next to some Vangelis-lingerings it isn’t a strong composition either.

Tracks 10 and 11 (the latter reminded me of “Chariots of Fire”) return to the strong, intimate atmospheres, which again confirms to me what is Lenehan’s stand-out trademark: Vangelis kindred, emotional music which really touches you without getting too soft.
I think Lance should really stick to that, as for now his album only gets my thumbs up for only 5 of the 12 tracks.


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