Lance Lenehan – Analogue Days

Lance Lenehan - Analogue Days

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Lance Lenehan – Analogue Days
CD, Private Release, 2004

“Analogue Days”, released in January 2004, is a compilation of archived tracks from the period 1983-1988.
It contains music Lance Lenehan composed using quite a bunch of analogue equipment, such as a Roland System 100M and Roland System 100.

The cd offers ten tracks with lots of warm, vintage sequences and sounds which make you think of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.
At the same time the listener has to accept the quality of the recordings isn’t that fancy, as some cracks and noises are apparent. On the other hand, this also gives this music something extra.

Form and composition is also kept rather simple, as one can clearly hear on “Dreamscape”. In my opinion, opener “Arc of Orion” and “Jupiter 6” are the best tracks on the album, next to the closing piece “Mystic Mystique”.
Just one hour of analogue music for the core fans.


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