Liveform – In Harmony

Liveform - In Harmony

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Liveform – In Harmony
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1997

“In Harmony” is the debut release of the Dutch band Liveform, aka Arjan Steenbergen, Richard Stuij and Menno Zielhorst.

As can be expected with such a title, the music covered here has a tranquil, balanced and relaxing character without becoming new-age. There are ten pieces in total, with quite a lot of free form soundscapes with an occasional melodic line or sequence pattern passing by with a slight romantic edge lurking somewhere in the background.

I though wouldn’t call the overall outcome that expressive, as one can hear the members are still searching for a sonic direction that isn’t that clear and defined. The sounds are quite basic actually, while the programmed drums aren’t great either. All in all, these first steps are mediocre, but were also necessary to lay the foundation for Remotion, a project by Arjan Steenbergen and Richard Stuij founded later on.


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