Loom – 100 001

Loom - 100 001


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Loom – 100 001
CD EP, Moonpop, 2011

“100 001” is a 4-track/19-minute Ep by Loom, a music project created by Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters, specially produced for LOOM’s first live show on October 15th, 2011 (E-Live 2011).

The recording actually features one solo piece by Johannes and Jerome, and two tracks by Mr Waters. It fires off in a progressive rock manner with Jeromes excellent fast-sequenced/guitartronica exercise “The Light that failed”. Note the massive bass groove in this piece.

Robert Waters offers the wonderful lush and melodic “Sun Castle”, in which TD echoes nicely shine through, all together making up a great piece of music . “On My Way” is Johannes contribution to the release, a warm sounding composition with various gentle soloing on top. The accessible “The Hand of Bosch” by Mr Waters puts a nice end to this recording in a melodic, acoustic-guitaresq fashion.

All in all, “100 001” proves a very pleasant listen and a cool addition to any respectable Em –collection. Be quick though if you want a copy, as the Ep is strictly limited to 500 copies.

Website: www.loom-project.com

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