Loom – The Tree Hates The Forest

Loom - The Tree Hates The Forest


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Loom – The Tree Hates The Forest
CD, Viktoriapark, 2013

After two three live concerts, two Ep’s and a stunning live cd, it was just a matter of time before the first full-length album of Loom would surface. The wait is over with the cracking “The Tree Hates The Forest”, which sees the trio Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese and Robert Wässer present an excellent selection of catchy and emotive instrumentals, all echoing the so much loved spirit and passion of Tangerine Dream from the ‘80’s.

Due to the top-notch mastering, mixing and producing, the ten songs rank and reach extraordinary heights. If it’s not for the groovy, sequencer-oriented style (“Quantal Highsways”), Loom’s lush, elevating approach (as e.g. heard on “Cloudwalk”) is able to make the listener experience many versatile shivers of excitement and joy. The typical Schmoelling solos and sounds among Jeromes dynamic in-your-face guitartronics also kick some ass on this disc, most notably on “The Vedic Ritual”, “A Night Out At The Cirqus Voltaire” and the blasting last track “Tachycardia”.

Another piece that really grabbed me was “Bandhu”, where groovy and rock elements melt with emotive and symphonic keys. “Emerald Suite” brought a smile to my face with its “Belfast Child”-ish intro, followed by TD’s typical ’80’s treats and Johannes happy soloing, all fitting in a modern fashion.
This said, the stunning “The Tree Hates The Forest” really rocks my boat!

Website: www.loom-project.com

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