Magnetron – Photonic Waves

Magnetron - Photonic Waves

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Magnetron – Photonic Waves
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Magnetron, founded somewhere in 2013, is a project of the always busy Phil Booth and Xan Alexander.

“Photonic Waves” proves a captivating and energetic affair, a journey through time and space led by a strong sound current. The 22-minute opener “Tachyon” makes a great and attractive opener: after an enchanting atmospheric intro, tight Berlin School sequencers and an assortment of vintage synth pads.

“Spherium” proves a bit too upfront and long to my ears, its rather loud beat and not to effective solo-voice didn’t help either. Fortunately, “Illumination” addresses the textural soundscapes again nicely but brief. “Refraction”, the last piece on the album, takes on the progressive electronic alley with sparkling sequencer patterns along symphonic trumpet pads in between.

All in all, the album’s outcome is a bit too busy to my ears with the exception of the excellent first piece.



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