Maitreya – From the Mothership

Maitreya - From the Mothership


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Maitreya – From the Mothership
CD, Council of Nine, 1999

“From the Mothership” is the debut-cd of Simon Lomax aka Maitreya, released on his own small ambient label Council of Nine.

The cover states the album is “dedicated to the end of one life and the beginning of another”, some small letters elsewhere made clear that “the artist does not believe himself to be or resemble in any way the Lord Maitreya and does not wish to offend any religious denominations by using that name”.

Well, this all sounds rather mysterious, which doesn’t apply to the music itself, which is presented as twelve great tracks of edgy ambient/space music in which some rather strange voice-samples show up now and then.
In a way, the album offers a way of introspection and illumination which is hard to fit in words.

Every time I listen to this stirring album, I realize this masterfully crafted music will absolutely appeal to fans of cosmic music. This also due to the grand sounding passages at e.g. the beginning and end of the album.
A last note on the amount of energy which this musician has put into the overall sound quality and production, which is above average.
Nice going Simon!


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