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Maitreya - Telluric Waves

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Maitreya – Telluric Waves
CD, Council of Nine, 2003

It took Simon Lomax a.k.a. Maitreya four years to present us with this, his second album, but I must confess that the end result more than makes up for that. The sound of Maitreya has matured, pushing the boundaries in a most surprising way.

The quiet “Night Vision” starts, floats off with softly drifting textures, an occasional piano and an occasional heavy beat. It perfectly leads us into track 2 and 3, which offer more atmospheric and swirling soundscapes to be discovered.
“Altocumulus” ventures into a bit more “active” realms with its strange vocal samples and sounds of radio transmissions, before dronescapes and translucent synth washes fill the air in “Half-light”.
The lovely expanse of “Lumen” is a return to the dreamy, ethereal worlds of tracks 1-3.
The overall shimmering textures in “Are we linked” are sometimes interrupted by a few female voices, before the title track leaves us in harmony, a slow drift into the future.

Although this disc apparently explores more earthly terrain, according to the press sheet, my feeling is that it stands out as an overall grand space journey with chill-out elements. This is no sedative music however. It does demand active listening.

“Telluric Waves” is a great record of outstanding audio and production quality which needs several spins before it reveals its true nature and beauty…


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