Mantaray – Numinous Island

Mantaray - Numinous Island

Release data:

Mantaray – Numinous Island
CD, Silent Records/Demon Tea, 1995/1999

This is in fact a re-release of an album that already came out in 1995 on Silent Records, but I found out it was also re-released in 2003.

Mantaray is the duo Ray Castle and Susumo Yokota, who hereby present an intriguing hour of ambient/chill out music.
There’s only sparse use of melody to be detected in the hypnotic ambience with a strong psychedelic touch. Voice and percussive elements, captivating electronics with lots of samples and environmental sounds lead the way in an exotic, mysterious world of sonics.

Some stuff resembles the music of Suspended Memories, but than turned inside out. The two openings tracks are really strong as are the tracks “Anima Mundi” and “Enlightment”, both found at the end of the album.

All in all, “Numinous Island” is an intense sonic perfume of psychedelic ambient soundscapes. Sometimes dreamy and world music like, but not always as accessible as the beautiful designed cover might suggest.



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