Mara’s Torment – MT96061

Mara's Torment - MT96061

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Mara’s Torment – MT96061
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

Mara’s Torment is a project that was brought to life back in 1997 by Toronto-based musican Rik MacLean, who’s also an active member of the Canadian Ping Things ambient music community.

“MT96061” is a limited edition double retrospective work, comprising tracks from the past ten years, to which some new and previously unreleased tracks have been added, all ending up in two hours of quiet dark ambient and chill out music with a gothic edge to it.

Although some sounds and textures are nice, I can’t say anything significant is happening to make it attractive or keep your attention. Rik’s music just isn’t that easy at hand.
In fact, it transported me back in time, as I remember I had quite some difficulty in digging the sonic outcome of e.g. his debut album “Dreams like mine” or “Across for Show”, which both for me didn’t contain music to feel at ease with.



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