Mario Konrad – Submerging

Mario Konrad - Submerging

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Mario Konrad – Submerging
CD, Musique Intemporelle, 1992

Here’s another nice release on Bernd Kistenmacher’s good old label Musique Intemporelle. Mario Konrad’s debut “Submerging” was achieved with very limited technical possibilities and an extremely low budget, which was and still is the case for many releases in the EM-genre. Basically, it came together the simple way.

Mario, an Austrian composer and multi-instrumentalist now living in Germany, sent out some of his music which he thought might fit into the Musique Intemporelle roster. Bernd took serious interest in releasing it and got Andreas Leifeld involved providing cover art for the album. Things went on pretty quick and it was released around October 1992.

“Submerging” offers 56-minutes of gentle, well-tempered and sequenced electronics with minimalist flavors. Tribal rhythms and smooth soaring textures make up “Towards the Deep”, which has a certain Solitaire/Roach flavor of that period. The various ingredients used on “Synmove” and “Tanja’s Song” though confuse me a bit, making the repetitive outcome rather inconsistent to my ears. Fortunately, the ethereal and rather reflective “Dream Sequence”, the longest piece on the release, works much better again, as it connects to a kindred aural framework as “Towards the Deep” while incorporating digital drums and percussion very nicely.



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