Mark Isham – Tibet

Mark Isham - Tibet

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Mark Isham – Tibet
LP/CD, Windham Hill, 1989

“Tibet” belongs to those albums that I have overlooked at the time it was initially released, and also never tracked down in the decades thereafter. It’s a majestic 48-minute soundtrack in five parts for the Windham Hill video of the same name, which provides a look at the place that’s commonly known as the “Roof of the World”.
For this I imagined atmospheric and moody music capturing the core and beauty of the mystical environment while preserving intimacy and quietness at the same time.

The world music-oriented outcome provides the listener smooth, at times even ethereal synth washes wandering off and unfold subtle and calmly, with some guitar, bass, (jazzy-ish) trumpet and light rhythms entering the stage a bit later on several passages.
The lush and uplifting orchestration of sounds, textures and occasional haiku phrases though doesn’t head into the mysterious and deeper territory as known from the works of David Parsons (who in my view remains the master of this).

Although I personally expected a bit more from “Tibet”, those who like the sonic wandering and accomplished music found on old school Isham recordings (“Vapor Drawings”, “Film Music”) can give this a go as well.


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