Matthew Florianz – Nocturne – Soundtrack for science briefings

Matthew Florianz - Nocturne - Soundtrack for science briefings

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Matthew Florianz –Nocturne – Soundtrack for science briefings
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

“Nocturne” is the first in a series of specials on science’s unsolved mysteries for which the composer remixed and re-sequenced the music from documentary soundtrack. Opening piece “Why does Time Pass?” proves weary, a bit harsh and abstract to my ears as it evolves. It’s very Florianz-unlike if I may say so. This all changes completely on the second track and onward with celestial, fluid and tranquil soundscapes entering the stage along some subtly applied sequences surfacing occasionally.

These slow transforming cosmic renderings take the listener gently into a lush world of drift and slow motion, even offering a sense of grace shining through the piano keys and wavering textures of “Dark Matter”. The atmosphere seems to darken initially on “Life” but shifts to a more contemplative mode halfway with a brief moment of neo-classical revelation near the end. This constellation of imaginary, slow passing textures is closed by the 11-minute “Time”, which closes the circle with a similar amalgam of abstract and rougher sonic structures related to the opener and some introspective spherics.

Although the opening and closing piece on “Nocturne” puzzle me, the stuff found between them is excellent and overall quietening soundscape ambient, all presented in 24-bit audio quality.


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