Matthew Florianz – Sprook

Matthew Florianz - Sprook

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Matthew Florianz – Sprook
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2002/2013

“Sprook” is an early concept recording by composer Matthew Florianz. It presents a cinematic work of sonic art while merging the dark, dense and the abstract. Its fictional storyline describes a land without light and ruled by an entity of darkness, arrogantly allowing the thought of light to seep through.

Make sure though you experience the outcome with headphones, as the minimal drones and slow morphing longform textures hide in low volume, spreading an aura of profound mystery as the rise and fall of soundscapes meanders on. Its deep cinematic impact evokes dense moods and images found in SF-stories such as “Gormenghast”, “The Dark Crystal” and even a slice “Bladerunner”, but in the second half of the sonic excursions more passages of faint light dare to show up.

The original album, now available as free download from the composer’s website, has been extended by five other highly atmospheric tracks that were meant for the “Sprook-EP” (but omitted in an early stage) .

All in all, if you like to take a fantastic, deep and psychedelic mind trip, take a dip in the whirlpool of inner landscapes, shadows and melancholic waves that make up “Sprook”.


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