Matthew Florianz – The Tone T(h)ree

Matthew Florianz - The Tone T(h)ree

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Matthew Florianz – The Tone T(h)ree
CD, H/S Recordings, 2004

Jack This is the first cd from this Dutch ambient musician, whose music I hadn’t heard until now.

“The Tone T(h)ree” is a collection of older tracks recorded in spring 2000, which have been re-mastered for this album. Like the tree branches featured on the cd-inlay, this is tranquil and slowly morphing Eno-esque like music having a hypnotic, inward effect.

The minimal music is a quiet pool of in-depth textural music which flows in a timeless manner.
The delicately sculptured soundscapes have a strong introspective impact, drawing the listener even closer into its spacious well of sound.

“Part 6” is a real delight, and the best piece of them all. Towards the end, the music gets a more cloudy, darker character with some occasional drone elements, almost crossing the edge of experimental music.

The closing title track is light and vibrant again, and returns to the Eno-sound, which seems one of the core inspirations of Matthew’s music.
Highly recommended!


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