Michael Padilla – Atmospheres (Ambient Works Vol. One)

Michael Padilla - Atmospheres (Ambient Works Vol. One)

Release data:

Michael Padilla – Atmospheres (Ambient Works Vol. One)
LP + CD, Fruits de Mer Records/Strange Fish, 2016

What I got here is a beautiful designed 40-minute ambient album (strictly limited to 400 copies) by one Michael Padilla, who seems to be known as front man of various psych rock and pop bands.

Released on a vinyl picture disc (+ cd, which includes a bonus piece not on the vinyl edition), the listener is presented four moodscape pieces heavily inspired by Brian Eno’s “Discreet Music” featuring warm, floating and looped textures that stir quite a few emotive strings.

The ethereal is already addressed very nicely on the 14-minute “Northern Lights”, where the outcome comes in smooth, melodic waves. A string of quiet, melancholic-angled spheres made up of mellotron flutes and retro pads surface on the lovely “Crossing East”. This could actually be an outro or a track rounding out a vintage TD album in the early ‘70’s.

A beautiful mold of freeform retro-textures and emotive string sounds is found on the 15-minute “Ecstagony”, featuring spherics extending on the intimate flavor of the previous track along some gentle orchestral hints. The final track, the 3-minute “The Waiting” is kept simple and monotone, featuring darker sounds of the brass instruments along a slice of the symphonic.

I’d say the first three tracks of “Atmospheres (Ambient Works Vol. One)” make very fine and tender retro soundscapes for all who love the sound of mellotron and the secluded warmth found in vintage sound design in general. As the sound quality of the picture disc might cause issues, the release includes the full music on cd including a fifth track as a bonus.

Website: www.fruitsdemerrecords.com


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