moonbooter – Cosmologica

moonbooter - Cosmologica

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moonbooter – Cosmologica
CD, Mellowjet Records, 2010

Like “Cosmoclimax”, “Cosmologica” is another energetic release by Bernd Scholl, (aka Moonbooter) but the latter one offers a handful of very nice Jarre elements and effects thrown in the Moonbooter mix next to Schiller-esque trance/dance ingredients.

The album (produced for and premiered live in concert at the end of December 2010 in Planetarium Bochum, Germany) has a short searching introduction with Gregorian chants snippets, but then things are properly set in motion with “2011”.

Bernd’s general melodic music carries on on the following tracks, landing on a dance platform with “Moonkanone”, which features some German spoken words. I’m personally not a fan of the freaky elements thrown in on e.g “Origin of Oxygene”, but the energizing, sequencer- dominated “Spacerace” following after it is another spot-on track.

The upbeat “Superflare” again refers nicely to Schiller’s music, as at times did the earlier “2012”. At the end of the album, the music settles down in more quiet, chill-out spheres, especially on the reflective “Intermedium”.

The 72-minute “Cosmologica” will surely not disappoint fans of contemporary, melodic and accessible electronic music.


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