Nattefrost – Live in Germany

Nattefrost - Live in Germany

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Nattefrost – Live in Germany
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2010

The last couple of years, Bjørn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost has established himself as an accomplished electronic musician, which was even “accelerated” when he was contracted by the established Groove Unlimited label.

The well-tempered “Live in Germany” contains excerpts of two live sets played in Wuppertal in 2008 (where Bjørn is joined by Robert Schroeder on guitar) and Bielefeld in 2009 respectively.

Fans of accessible melodic and sequenced music will be very pleased by the 14 tracks featured on this album, although I’m not too happy with the overall sound quality of the set played in Wuppertal.
It’s very upfront but also a bit harsh to my ears. Robert’s excessive guitar doesn’t make that any better.

In addition, I also would have preferred the announcement of the stronger second set was left out as well as Bjørn’s many thank-you’s between the tracks. The second set e.g. contains the excellent and groovy “Decadence” and the joyous “The Pleasure of Tranquillity”, but unfortunately also a disfigured version of Saint-Saëns “The Swan”.


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