Nautilus – In Search of Castaways

Nautilus - In Search of Castaways

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Nautilus – In Search of Castaways
CD, BSC/Prudence, 2004

I’m not familiar with this German band nor have I heard any of their music.
It’s their fifth cd so far, but their third on the Prudence-label.
First of all, the press sheet announces that the line-up of the band has changed: next to the original members Martin Ludwig (keys, synths, sequencer) and Werner Strätz (e-gitaar), Ralf Weiden (sampler, synths en sequencer) has replaced Ralf Obel.
It also says the blend of electronics and ethnic elements now should have changed to more emphasis on spheric rock in the tradition of TD or Pink Floyd.

Well, while listening to the eleven melodic tracks on this album my overall impression is that it all sounds far too decent and accessible. This next to the fact that it all sounds soft and as typically “German” music.
The guitar (said to be strongly influenced by David Gilmour and Peter Green) is rather dominant in the whole music, but I can’t say I’m impressed by it. In a way, the music in general reminds me a bit of the (live)music of Peter Mergener with a guitarist.
“The Final Discovery” has an euphoric/symphonic character, but no real impact as such.

In all, it all doesn’t sound special in any way, it doesn’t tickle me either, although the band tried to spice things with the pronounced e-guitar. Prudence/BSC classifies the album as lounge/art rock, so be it.
But I like to give a compliment to both the very nice cd-cover and overall production of the music.



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