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Nemesis - Xenopus

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Nemesis – Xenopus
CD, Retroduction, 2014

“Xenopus”, released at the end June at the Scandinavian ambient music conference Ambicon 2014, features shorter compositions compared to the previous album “Living Statues”.

Fans of the band need not to worry though as it still celebrates the vibe, sphere and moods which make the bands output special. The nine tracks range from beautifully molded ambient-environmental atmospheres with an organic edge to rhythmic-spiced contemporary outings.

“Humus” and the title track already make a nice combo, welcoming the listener in a new chapter of Nemesis sonic magic. “SARS” stands out with its nice intrinsic atmosphere, deep basses and lyrical lapsteel guitar lines, briefly bringing Robert Rich to mind.

The exciting 13-minute “Alastro” is rather complex in structure, incorporating groovy bass lines, assorted rhythms and vintage pads while still firmly grounded in the electronics of today. Although lots of things and solos are happening in this piece as it unrolls, a mesmerizing, mellow vibe stays present in this power track. I for one think it’s an instant classic (right up the Ron Boots and friends live-tradition) which I’d love to experience live-in-concert sometime.

The already emotive music on the album gets an extra push on “Memento”, where various melodic lines entwine and dissolve. Upfront and emotional guitar solos strengthen the strong impact of “Columbia”. Together with the contemplative “For Neil”, it makes tasty contributions inspired by space exploration. “Comfort Zone” announces electronic minimalism with a classical vibe, followed by the mellow spherical paintings of “Mare Tranquilitatis”.

Again, Ami Hassinen’s mix, mastering and overall sound design of the music is outstanding, again revealing a strong eye to detail and balance.
The highly inspired “Xenopus” proves Nemesis keeps re-inventing and improving time after time. It’s simply a must-have release no serious EM-fan should miss out on.


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