Nostalgia – Beyond Horizon

Nostalgia - Beyond Horizon

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Nostalgia – Beyond Horizon
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Practicing Nature/DataBloem, 2007

With Nostalgia’s third album “Beyond Horizon”, German composers Rüdiger Gleisberg and Mathias Grassow present a new, more differentiated chapter of slow morphing and evolving deep ethno-ambient music with occasional choir samples.

The 65-minute outcome -best listened to with headphones- blends expansive, subtle manipulated textural dronescapes (courtesy of Mr Grassow) with minimal percussion and classic-orchestral sounds (Gleisberg’s trademark), implementing Asian-Oriental flavours along the way as the spiritual, meditative sound trip for mind, body and soul unfolds gradually. While the project expires its own mystic signature and divine impact, the calming yet hypnotizing “Infinite Rustle Of Wind And Water” and “Earth Awakening” both dwell into David Parsons territory.

Compared to Nostalgia’s previous albums, the mesmerizing, more balanced and accessible content of this one is a further step forward. I for one think those fond of ritual-mystic ambient and deeper listening should add the nicely crafted “Beyond Horizon” to their collection.


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