Nostalgia – The House on the Borderland

Nostalgia - The House on the Borderland

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Nostalgia – The House on the Borderland
CD, Arsbenevolamater, 2005

“The House on the Borderland” is the second cd of Nostalgia, aka Rüdiger Gleisberg and Mathias Grassow, and on this project they are accompanied by the Italian musician Luigi Seviroli. The latter delivered the album concept to the duo, although he already prepared the framework and foundation of the music.

The title comes from a book by William Hope Hodgons, which seems to follow the Edgar Allan Poe/H.P. Lovecraft-style of telling stories about gloomy presences infesting an old house.

The 70 minutes of music are indeed gloomy and cinematic, sometimes even horrific. Album opener “The finding of the manuscript” is a beautiful soundscape with clear sounds of water, before the dark descent into the surreal and mystic begins.

It’s difficult to describe this kind of music, which carries elements of dark ambient, classic and symphonic music. An uneasy feeling is always present so prepare for a not so easy and accessible but still intriguing listening experience.

The overall execution and production is excellent. The album is a limited edition of 535 copies.


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