Numina – Sound Symbols

Numina - Sound Symbols

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Numina – Sound Symbols
CD, NuminaMusic Recordings, 2008

The first shapes of this album were put down almost three years ago as the “Almost Live” project for the Ambient Ping download project.
Over the years, Jessa Sola (aka Numina) expanded the outcome with the intention of releasing it as a full-length album.
As life got in the way, the whole idea got sidetracked until November 2008, when Jesse had some time to not only re-mix and re-master the original but also add brand new material throughout.

“Sound Symbols” contains five freeform textural ambient soundscapes with an overall immersive impact. Together, they create an imaginative tapestry of dreamy and atmospheric sound pads that continuously drift along, especially in the first two tracks.

Drone textures take over on the third, more abstract oriented “Hieroglyph”, which slowly evolves into a kind of night music in which spooky elements pop up occasionally.
Things shift to uplifting soundings at the start of the beautifully expansive sounding “The Secret Figure”, which in the second half winds down in a more darkening, slow morphing, breathing space.

The 18-minute “Angelic Relic” is the most “active” outing on the cd, therefore also the one less attractive and cohesive in my opinion.
This has to do with the more pronounced, rather annoying and murky synth leads during most of the piece, which disturb the contemplative character, although some haunting ethereal solo voices show up in the second part of the piece.

“Sound Symbols” makes up over an hour of late night ambient music with surreal edges, only suitable for experienced ears and deep listening.


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