Nunc Stans – The Cerulean Suite

Nunc Stans - The Cerulean Suite

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Nunc Stans – The Cerulean Suite
CD-R, DataObscura, 2005

Nunc Stans, (translation: “The Eternal Now”) hails from the Canadian arctic circle.

The album features four extended tracks which range between 11 and 17 minutes, creating an relaxing atmosphere of free form ambient wanderings.
The music’s impact is overtly introspective with its nice flow of transparent but complex textural tapestries and soft dronescapes, in which subtle nuances are discernable all the way.

And although some slight melodic structures show up, the overall sound pallet stays rather abstract and cloudy. I’m sure fans of Biosphere, Oophoi and alike will enjoy these sonic curiosities.



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