O Yuki Conjugate – Undercurrents (In Dark Water)

O Yuki Conjugate - Undercurrents (In Dark Water)

Release data:

O Yuki Conjugate – Undercurrents (In Dark Water)
CD, Staalplaat, 1992

“Undercurrents” is a classic (and nowadays very hard to get) ambient release by the UK-collective O Yuki Conjugate that even musicians like Steve Roach have added to their deserted island list since its initial release. As a matter of fact, the recording is assembled from eight tracks from the bands 1986 album “Into Dark Water” and some others from the album “Another Journey” (1987) along another four pieces made in 1992 (culled from the abandoned “Earth Science” sessions.

The eclectic outcome is far from an electronic exercise, although synthesizers are part of the tribal-oriented music with a profound organic grandeur. Its rhythmic and loop-driven sonic surrealism is a mystical dream journey into airy otherworldliness, inventive and highly atmospheric when the gentle flutes are at play, even becoming immersive on the beautiful “Musica Ficta” and “Out of Nothing”. Further describing the outcome is pointless, as it’s quite unique and compelling to say the least.

If you like the tribal-organic sound works of Steve Roach and Robert Rich, “Undercurrents” will fit you as well.

Website: www.oyukiconjugate.com


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