Ovod – Between the Days

Ovod - Between the Days

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Ovod – Between the Days
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

If you’re into ambient/cinematic music, the energetic but darker-shaded sonic ride making up “Between the Days” may be worth checking out sometime. It’s composed by Russian musician Ivan Lavrov, who came up with eight tracks which incorporate atmospheric density, glowing and mysterious (under)currents along a nocturnal-like feel.

The meandering, slightly minimalist but always tense drone textures get company of e-guitar on a few pieces which lighten up the adventurous, overtly improvised soundscapes a slight bit. The edgy, unpolished and condensed space between the lines though could do with quite some care and attention, making the overall abstract/experimental outcome breathe and gain vastness. In addition, “Swamp Helicopters” and “The Tale of Time Lost” are weird, inconsistent outings to my ears. Contrary to these comes the fascinating, more introspective-oriented (but still a bit harsh sounding) “When rails are not alone”.

“Between the Days”, an aural journey bearing a distinct sense of desolation, merges psychedelic, surreal and apocalyptic sound worlds that for the most part prove quite demanding and challenging in the end.

Website: www.ovodmusic.com


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