Paul Ellis – Dark Machine Generation

Paul Ellis - Dark Machine Generation

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Paul Ellis – Dark Machine Generation
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2010

With “Dark Machine Generation”, US-synthesist Paul Ellis brings us a full ambient trip made up of one continuous track, which initially began as an experiment in manipulating sound. To quote Paul on the making of the album: “it also really has no melody or harmony to speak of… it’s is just for the tonal qualities, mostly”.

In my opinion, it’s great to see Paul found the patience and confidence to carefully shape and pave extensive paths of slow evolving and changing textures for nearly 80 minutes. “Dark Machine Generation” is a non-commercial, adventurous and challenging recording meant for focussed listening.
It gives an insight in a kind of psychedelic futureworld (or should I say underworld?) as I know it from David Michael Matuch’s third cd and Epiphany’s first album. No easy stuff, as it lurks you into its immense web of foreboding and slightly experimental sonic landscapes with twisted, mechanical sounding sequenced parts.

This makes the intense “Dark Machine Generation” only suiteable for die-heart ambient fans with a taste for adventure and what lies beyond.
The album is available for free as high-quality download from Paul’s Soundcloud page.


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