Peter Baumann – Machines of Desire

Peter Baumann - Machines of Desire

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Peter Baumann – Machines of Desire

I must confess I’m impressed the way Peter Baumann has been able to implement and continue the style of his fine 1979 classic “Trans Harmonic Nights” on his newbie “Machines of Desire” 30+ years later.

Sound and techniques on the newbie are led into a more contemporary domain, but at the same time pieces like “The Blue Dream”, “Searching in Vain” and “Dancing in the Dark” execute Baumann’s characteristic, not that melodic themes and sequencers immediately. The modern shade appears more prominently on “Valley of the Gods” and the Middle-Eastern flavored “Crossing the Abyss” but the quirky sequences, smooth mysticism and lush solo voice/vocoder all link nicely to his efforts in the past.
The strongest TD-link is found on the final piece “Dust to Dust”, which contains some parts with Gregorian chants.

Although not containing the charm and impact of “Trans Harmonic Nights”, I think those expecting a revival of TD’s and Baumann’s vintage sound will find quite a range of interesting elements on this release as it strikes a feel of nostalgia one way or the other …



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